“How To Be A Raging Sloth And Free Yourself For Success”
by Rick Coplin with special guest Eric Eaton

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Success to Significance
August 19, 2016

Success to Significance welcomes Eric Eaton, who had his career interrupted, not once, but twice by chronic pain. Eric became the “Raging Sloth” by re-framing success on his own terms.

Eric is a business leader, former lead pastor of his church, philanthropist, and author. Eric and his wife have three active kids and lead a typical busy life.

Vertical_3D_coverEric has recently written The Raging Sloth – An Upside-Down Blueprint to Bust Your Limits, Build Your Purpose, and Balance Your Life to help others navigate and leverage their chronic pain and other limitations into success and significance.

His career was interrupted, not once, but twice by chronic pain. His medical condition made it impossible to keep up with colleagues physically and mentally. The demands of a high profile consulting career that bracketed a taxing career as a lead pastor of a large church, proved to be too much against the backdrop of pain and the inconsistency of being “up” or “down” any given day.

Eric’s life changed when he changed his mindset and re-framed success in his terms to leverage his disability rather than suffer under it. He became the Raging Sloth.

You’ll be amazed at his story of interruption, pain, guilt, and re-creation. Eric’s story will inspire you!